Welcome Kit

Welcome Kit

Welcome to the Family

We're excited to have you on board. In our welcome kit, you can find everything you need to start marketing Les Deux to your customers, from logo assets to templates.

Brand Guidelines
Download our logos and find out how to use them, and how not to use them.

Spread the word that you're now stocking Les Deux with our newsletter templates.

Social Media
Tell your community about our new collaboration in a heartbeat with our social media templates.

In-Store Marketing
Download posters and get our in-store marketing guidelines for some fresh ideas about how to advertize inside your store.

Brand Guidelines

Les Deux Logotypes

Please don't alter our assets in any way.

Their orientation, color, and composition has been carefully created and should remain as indicated in these guidelines.

Download our logos here

Email guidelines


Announce your collaboration with Les Deux to your customers. Here are some elements to consider:

Include a simple overview of your category selection.

Showcase your hero products and share some campaign images.

If you have an online store, don’t forget to include a button with a link encouraging customers to "Shop Now" or “Learn more”.

Use the newsletter templates in the folder below for copy ideas.

Download newsletter template

social media guidelines

Social Media

Tell your community that you now stock Les Deux and showcase our range of classic and urban styles. Share the news through your social channels to build excitement and interest.
Here is some elements to consider:

Remember to tag @lesdeux and use the hashtag #LesDeuxCommunity so we can share, comment, and like your posts.

Highlight your latest products—especially items at a higher price point.

Use a combination of posts with links, carousels, and stories across Facebook and Instagram.

Explore more below for text and images for your Stories and Posts.

instagram story

To make it easier for you we have pre-made some stories for your Instagram account.

How to use these stories:

Step One
Pick the image and copy group that you prefer – A, B, C, or D. We’ve created each of these groups to be posted as four stories.

Step Two
When posting, remember to tag @LesDeux and use the hashtag #LesDeuxCommunity

Find & download our pre-made stories

Instagram & Facebook post

To make it easier for you we have pre-made some stories for your Instagram account.

How to use these posts:

Step One
Choose the cover image that you prefer.

Step Two
Add images of the hero products that you are selling to your carousel – you can find these by searching the item number in the search box at the top of this site.

Step Three
Choose from the copy options in the pdf below for caption text.

Step Four
Remember to tag @LesDeux and use the hashtag #LesDeuxCommunity so we can like, comment, and share.

Find & download our pre-made posts

In-Store Marketing guidelines


Catch your shoppers' attention at every touchpoint. Use the signage below to attract and inform your customers about Les Deux, and use the badges and window cling to create eye-catching displays. Place them at the store entrance, on the windows, or close to the cash wrap, letting shoppers know they can buy Les Deux in-store.

Shopping "zones" where you can use this material include
Store entrance/Before you enter
On the retail floor
On/near merchandise
In line at register
Cash wrap

Find & download posters