The Short Version

The first ideas for the fashion brand, Les Deux were created in 2009 in Copenhagen. The identity in the name “Les Deux” is from the philosophy of two guys who were raised in two different cultures with completely different backgrounds. Two guys created a niche in the market where they combined the preppy with the street, and let it become simple, but yet unique.

The brand has grown from one simple tee shirt, which was the only item the two guys could afford in the beginning, now to more than 100 items in different colours. Steadily growing each season and expanding to new markets, Les Deux is represented in about 10 countries and the dreams are even bigger.

Les Deux is "out of the box" and is for everybody. Les Deux is about inner sexuality in its delicate balance from the trimmed businessman to the fashion-conscious teenager. Why? Because love will never change. Like Les Deux, love is timeless and for everybody.

The Beginning

It all began in 2009 when Andreas and Virgil came up with an idea to create a fashion brand which combines the preppiness of Northern Sealand with the darker roots of Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

They found a few old English patches, and sewed them onto a white tee shirt. The tee shirt was shown to friends and family, and it became an instant favorite. Andreas and Virgil were stoked!

Now, all they had to do was sell the tee shirt to a few stores in Denmark, and a brand would be born. One morning in June, the two guys jumped in their car, and went on a roadtrip to visit all of the menswear shops in Denmark. They were very confident in their one tee shirt. Why shouldn't they be? All of their friends and family had loved it. The excitement and enthusiasm within the front seat of the Mini Cooper was very positive that morning.

Unfortunately, their first stop was unsuccessful. Andreas and Virgil were almost laughed at when they presented the tee shirt.

“What is the concept boys?" asked one man. "What can we do with this one tee shirt from some completely unknown brand?”

Needless to say, they didn't manage to sell anything to that store, not to mention the next 30 stores either. The boys didn't give up, and they continued their journey where they soon found themselves in Aarhus, Denmark. In Aarhus, they met with two guys, Nikolaj and Steffen, who had a shop in the heart of the city.

They saw the tee shirt and instantly loved it. They bought twelve of the tee shirts, thus starting a strong connection with Les Deux. 
The tee shirt sold extremely well, and within that summer, the boys had sold more than 500 tee shirts.

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