About Les Deux

About Les Deux

The story of Les Deux

Les Deux is the story of a cross-cultural relationship between a political refugee and a prep boy from the suburbs; two personalities, who were able to inspire each other and embrace their diversity.

The authenticity of this relationship was carried over into what became Les Deux — a brand created in the unique meeting between mentalities and backgrounds.

Our DNA hasn’t changed as we have grown. Les Deux is created and built on differences that have broken boundaries and inspired our development.

The brand was born with international roots. The name is French, the founders were from different continents and since the first autumn evening, when Les Deux was established, our ambitions have been international.

Our purpose

We have a significant purpose of making a difference. We are striving to improve peoples’ lives and thus create a better future through the brand of Les Deux. The vision is to be the most meaningful fashion brand in the world, with a mission to inspire people to pursue their dreams by engaging in the world we live in, and collectively leave behind a significant legacy.

Our values

Inspire people - We want to lead by example and inspire others to be courageous, always chase their dreams and never stop believing (in themselves).

Personal relations - In everything we do, we want to make it personal and meaningful. We believe that it is essential to establish a trustful relationship with everyone we work with and include them in our continuous aspirations and endeavors of changing the game.


Thoroughness - Regardless of what we do, we always strive to do our best and constantly push ourselves for improvement.

Legacy - Our societal impact is paramount which means that we truly care about how we do business and that everyone involved has a feeling of happiness and fulfilment.

Les Deux Legacy

The purpose and value set of Les Deux is a what inspire and motivate us in order to leave behind a legacy we can be proud of and for the next generation to thrive. This integrated part of Les Deux is dedicated to nurture our sustainable development and support those in need through our charity projects, whether it is financially or emotionally. 


We have compiled a comprehensive sustainability strategy, which is based on three focus areas; responsible supply chain management, material strategy and design for conscious consumption. Read more


We are striving to establish long term relationships, where we can learn from each other and evolve collectively, so both parties are able to keep pursuing their respective aspirations. Read more