Autumn Winter '22

Autumn Winter '22

Sunrise Society

This collection is a story about a mindset. A mindset of determination, where you strive to get as much out of life as possible – no matter the situation. The name is a reference to the tribe of people who get out of bed at sunrise every morning, to be ahead of their peers. Whether it is for working out, putting in extra hours at the office, or simply to gaze upon the sunrise - these early morning hours are sacred for this group of people.

To capture this feeling, we built a fictitious running club and named it; The Sun- rise Society. An open-minded group of people seeking to inspire each other and to build each other up. They represent a feeling of community and belonging – a sort of refuge for the busy, contemporary man.

The collection is a testament and a wardrobe for this society – giving them the tools to be the best that they can be.

The backbone of the collection is a youthful varsity- “or college” capsule that runs across all categories. The Ivy League has always been an important reference for Les Deux – ever since the beginning. For example, for 2022 we are thrilled to an- nounce the return of the classic varsity jacket in our collection. Within footwear, you will find the loafers, moc-toes and vintage running shoes, perfectly styled with unconstructed suits, bowling shirts and puffy sweaters.