"Since the beginning, we’ve wanted to give something back. It’s why we’ve partnered with multiple charities and projects over the past decade, and it’s why Kristoffer and I donated funds before taking money of the business for ourselves when we started.  

As we’ve grown from two people with a side project to a team of a hundred, this desire to improve lives has evolved into the social impact side of our Legacy platform. It focuses on building people up in the communities where we have a presence, whether that’s because of a partner retailer, one of our own stores, or because it’s a production location.  

With Les Deux Legacy, we want to support those who need it most, provide stable ground to those who’ve stumbled, and present opportunities when none have been offered before. 

With Les Deux Legacy, we want to make a difference.” 

Kristoffer & Andreas

Les Deux Co-Founders


Danish charity 5 Skoler build schools for children that don’t have access to education, and many of their pupils are Syrian refugees.  

One of the areas in which 5 Skoler operate is close to one of our production locations, and after finding out about their project, we wanted to help.  

Our major Legacy project in 2022, we provided the core funding for 5 Skoler to build a school, purchase a school bus, and build a kindergarten.

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In 2022, we challenged fellow brands to a Two vs Two basketball tournament at our HomeCourt installation, with the winners choosing a charity to receive a donation. 

Eventual champions Vernon Sports, BLS Hafnia, and Les Deux each donated 10,000 DKK (€1,350), with Stevnsgade Basketball receiving the funds.

Stevnsgade work to help young people who can’t afford to play at the club by running training camps and other initiatives.  

Learn more about Two vs Two and HomeCourt.  


We think the age of warfare belongs to the past. Everyone has a right to live peacefully.

In response to the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, we wanted to do what we could to support the people there facing an extremely difficult situation.  

As a result of the war, we canceled all business ties with Russia, sent ten pallets of warm clothing to refugee camps housing Ukrainian citizens, and donated 75,000 DKK (€10,000) to help Ukrainian families.

The School at Slotsvænget

The School at Slotsvænget is a small boarding school that hosts children who have had a rough start to life, giving them the chance of a fresh start.  

Along with the opportunity to take their exams, the school also offers those who need it a new place to live.  

We started supporting the school in 2018 by funding events and activities like design days and sports days, along with designing and providing clothing for the students.  


FANT (For A New Tomorrow) works to help young people in Sierra Leone and beyond to develop and nurture their sporting talent and teaches them about human rights.

Through the establishment and preservation of sports clubs, FANT ensures that children and adolescents can continue to play and enjoy sports in safe environments. 

We began working with FANT in 2018 by donating five boxes of clothing and providing funding for coaches, team kits, water, and sports equipment.

The Red Cross Denmark

The Red Cross is one of the largest charitable organizations in the world, with around 13 million volunteers in over 190 countries.

The Danish branch of the Red Cross alone is helped by nearly 200,000 donors, and we are one of them.  

We’ve donated funds and garments to the Red Cross multiple times over the years to aid their mission of helping those who need it, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or religion.

The Children’s Accident Fund

The Children’s Accident Foundation (Børneulykkesfonden) is a non-profit organization that works to ensure the safety of children in Denmark and reduce the number of accidents through raising awareness and education.  

We worked with the organization multiple times over a period of years, and along with donating a collaborative range of T-shirts and donating gift cards for charitable auctions, we also pledged to provide 5% of the turnover from a collection of reflective sportwear. 

Climb For Charity

Climb for Charity was a fundraising initiative in which dedicated people joined forces to climb mountains and raise funds for charity. The project was initially started to raise awareness around child safety during physical activity, and donated funds to a range of children’s charities. 

We partnered with Climb for Charity multiple times, not only fundraising for climbs at Mount Kilamjaro and Mount Everest, but also providing free performance gear for participants. 


Back in 2013, we supported charitable organization Eventure by contributing towards a school and football stadium, along with providing clothes and equipment for their football team. Our Co-Founder also ran across the Sahara Desert, raising 250,000 DKK to help fund the stadium.   

Eventure's Northern Star Academy gives young Zambians who have fallen out of the education system a fresh start. The academy is a boarding school that offers young people a year of free tuition, boarding, and lodging.