Less is more

It may sound strange, but it is much better to wash your clothes less frequently - both for the environment and the clothes you hold dear. We have put together some simple but effective tips on how to take care of your wardrobe for the next many years. We encourage you to master your inner washing abilities to keep your clothes fresh and clean while reducing total water and energy consumption. That's a win-win!

Before washing

Before washing your clothes, try to treat stains in advance and turn the clothes inside out to maintain the durability of color and quality.


You should only wash your clothes when necessary - air them out after wearing them a few times. In addition, you can save a large amount of energy by turning down the temperature where the clothes stay completely clean. Remember to follow the washing instructions, especially when washing more sensitive materials.


When drying your clothes, use a drying rack as much as possible and only use a dryer when necessary. This will save a lot of energy, and your clothes will last longer. Use a hanger for your shirts to avoid creases and reduce the need to iron. When washing wool and knits, avoid hanging them to dry as the weight of the wet clothes will stretch them and ruin the fit. Alternatively, find a place where it can lay flat and dry.

Care and repair

As far as possible, always make sure to repair your clothes and keep the extra buttons that come with the products if you should need them. If you can not fix the clothes yourself, you can get help from your local tailor.