About Us

About Us

It all started with a single T-shirt

Les Deux is an international menswear and community brand that was established by two friends in 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark. ​

It all began through sheer chance, when a preppy guy from the suburbs of Copenhagen met an urban soul with roots in the former French-colonized Congo. ​

The Two immediately hit it off, and discussion turned to the white T-shirt with unusual military patches that had been sourced and sewn on by one of the pair. Two contrasts met. A duality was forged. And Les Deux was born.​

This T-shirt has become a symbol of the desire to build a brand that creates communities rather than just clothing, proving that through passion and cooperation, you can make the impossible, possible.

Community is all

Since that first autumn evening over a decade ago, everything Les Deux has done has been underpinned with that community mentality. ​

This means that we stand together through the good times and the bad. We celebrate each other’s success. We give a helping hand to those who need it. And we create an environment that people want to be a part of. ​

As we have grown into an internationally recognized brand, this foundation has expanded to include not just our internal team, but also our customers, partners, agents, clients, and everyone in between. ​

Through collaboration, we have a vision to build Les Deux into the meaningful and impactful menswear brand.

Building a Legacy

We are ambitious. But we don't believe success should come at the expense of our values. Our ambition exists precisely because of our vision to make an impact. ​

Through our Legacy platform, we make a difference to the lives of people in the communities where we are present. This includes a range of locations – with social and charitable projects in places as diverse as our home market of Denmark to production sites like Turkey.​

Legacy also serves to ensure that we are creating clothing that is more responsible from an ethical and sustainability perspective. A pressing issue for the fashion industry, and the world, we’re determined to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

Our Story