Welcome a Les Deux scarf into your autumn/winter/spring wardrobe this season. Our collection emulates the quintessence of preppy fashion by combining our choicest fabrics with colours that match the season and nature.

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Les Deux scarves - Upgrade your style

A scarf is a necessary part of the Scandinavian man’s wardrobe, as it can shield you from the natural elements. At the same as being practical, your choice of scarf can also be regarded as a possibility. As a man you don’t have the same of choice in regards to adding details to your outfit, but with a high-quality scarf men has now acquired the possibility.

We help you with grasping this opportunity by offering superior and stylish wool scarves. We have a wide range of models and colorways, and therefore they can easily be combined with several other Les Deux styles.

We recommend you wear our wool scarf with a pair of our popular suit pants combined with one of our stylish Oxford shirts, or complete your winter outfit with one of our beanies in the same color, a Les Deux coat and a Les Deux knit.

A wool scarf - The right choice

Our scarves can be purchased in multiple colors and designs, so regardless if you’re into the classic colorways or desire to stand out from the crowd, we have just the thing for you.

Our Wool Scarf for men features a sewn Les Deux logo and fringes in the end, and is made from 100% wool, so you will stay warm in the winter cold or on a windy autumn day. We have made the Wool Scarf in the measurements 185x70 cm., and that means it is extra big, comfortable and guaranteed to keep out wind, rain and snow out. At the same time, the advantages of wool are, that it is moist repellant, heat regulating and at the same time durable and soft.

For the more casual days you can mix the scarf with one of our stylish Les Deux sweaters and one of our Les Deux baseball caps. Browse our selection and find your new wool scarf for men.

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