Istanbul, West

There are many similarities between Turkey and Portugal when it comes to quality, flexibility and competences in general. During the last decade or so, Turkey have mastered the same level of skills as their neighboring counterparts and they provide both pure fabric production and conventional production as well.


Characteristics: T-shirts, hoodies, jerseys

Elements of sustainable fabrics: Organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, lyocell

Collaborating since 2018


This supplier in West Istanbul is our second biggest with 250.000 pieces of clothing produced so far. Moreover, this is another factory that produces some of our best sellers as well as the foundation of our “never-out-of-stock” program the Nørregaard T-shirt with the subtle orange colored logo embroidery. One of the recent newcomers to this same program, the Piece T-shirt, is also produced at this factory.