Caldas de Säo Jorge

Since the very beginning we have had production in Portugal so our affection towards this country is quite special to us. Making clothes in Portugal enables many opportunities as they possess the various activities within the production process. A lot of decent mills are available which provide good fabric and garment, and many factories both do the weaving and knitting themselves as well. Working in Portugal also provides us with great flexibility and ultimately a shorter lead time within production and delivery of goods.


Characteristics: Shoes, sneakers, leather, suede

Elements of sustainable fabrics: Organic cotton

Collaborating since 2018 


Portugal is among the best within production of shoes with many years of experience and a thorough understanding of the many aspects that are included. Over the years, we have experimented with different kinds of footwear, chelsea and military boots, however, we have found our area of expertise constituting of handmade sneakers in a simplistic design made of leather and suede.