For decades, the East has been well-known for their expertise when it comes to fashion and apparel, where China is to be perceived as the key player in terms of diligence and heritage.
Since 2018 we have been working with a number of suppliers in China who have been chosen carefully in accordance to their respective core competencies of which is jackets, knitwear and accessories. Here, there is a great level of quality and an almost never-ending selection of fabrics which gives us the means of inspiration that we need, in order to constant challenge ourselves and push the limits of what is possible within fashion.

Characteristics: Polo and knitwear in linen

Element of sustainability: Application of clean fibers in shape of linen

Collaborating since 2020


The partnership began in 2020 and the first (and only so far) tangible results constitute of the Elba Linen Polo and Evan Linen Knitwear. These two styles are made from a mix of cotton and linen, the latter being the dominant fabric. It has been a very promising start and we look forward to expanding our collaboration.