Visiting Stockholm

Kalle Hansson

Posted on April 09 2018

The city of Stockholm offers a broad variety of activities and attractions. With a limited amount of time in the city, we have set out to find the absolute top locations to visit in the most populated city in Scandinavia. We have handpicked our favorite places to see, shop, eat and drink at the destination.


Bibliotekstan is known as a location for exclusive shoppers.  The area is home to the some of the worlds most prominent and renowned shops. This includes brands such as Burberry, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton and many others.

Although high end fashion is dominant, shops for beauty, antiques, food, sport and design are also available in this area.

In 1855 the area got its name from the Swedish National Library, which is situated in the nearby park. The area has been proud to sell exclusive merchandise ever since the day of its creation.

Gröna Lund

In an area known as Djurgården, Stockholms amusement park is situated. Gröna Lund is surrounded by water and nature and gives the visitor the opportunity to try a variety of different experiences. The amusement park has 31 rides, 14 games and a range of unique restaurants. Additionally the park hosts over 50 famous music artists over the warmer summer period. During the summer of 2018, artists such as Macklemore, Queens of the Stone Age, Ziggy Marley and Marilyn Manson will attend.  

There are several means of transport when traveling from the city center, such as tram, train, ferry, car og bicycle. During winter months, the amusement park is closed due to weather conditions.

Tak Stockholm

The bar is located on the 14th floor, transcends the Stockholm skyline and gives a full 360° view over the charming city. The indoor bar is surrounded by several rooftop lounge areas and offers a broad variety of cocktails, wine beer and sake.

Furthermore the raw bar menu is inspired by a nordic and japanese fusion. The concept is raw dishes such as sashimi, tartare and oysters which are optional, but encouraged.

Fou Le Club & Nightbistro

At the center of the impeccable Stockholm nightlife is Fou Club. Much like Les Deux, Fou Club has been inspired and lifted by the french culture. The club is a french bistro, but is without a doubt no conventional restaurant.

The club was established in 2012, and has ever since been associated with extravagance and flawless design. The two floors are covered by an assortment of private spaces, bars, dance floors and lounge areas, where the consistent music is inspired by various genres and musical eras.

An assortment of fine champagnes, cocktails and long drinks are available in the bar all night, as well as the clubs celebrated croque-monsieur.

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