Visiting Oslo

Kalle Hansson

Posted on April 09 2018

Oslo is amongst Europe's fastest growing cities. Due to upcoming neighborhoods, innovative food culture, fascinating art and fashion, Oslo is an opportune city to visit. Oslo is so close to the nature, compared to so many other large cities, which has resulted in the title of “European Green Capital 2019”. Thus, giving you the opportunity to combine a vacation in the city, with the glorious nature in the outskirts of Oslo. 


Bogstadveien is Norway's longest and biggest shopping street, and was established in 1964. Over 300 shops are located on the street, including stores that focus on fashion, food, drinks, interior design, wellness, jewelry and much more. Several international brands are represented at the shopping destination in a range of different price classes and styles. Bogstadveien stretches from the centre of Oslo, and is therefore easily accessible for any customers. 

Hos Thea

The restaurant was opened in 1987, and was transformed from an old butcher’s shop. The owner and head chef, Sergio, focused on the main elements such as the dining room and an open kitchen. Sergio offers a small, well considered menu, which changes every season and is composed by him.

The restaurant offers a unique homely and intimate vibe, that compliments the food and the concept in every way. The restaurant is situated a mere 10 minutes from the city centre.

Torggata Botaniske

Torggata Botaniske brings together the concept of a bar and a botanical garden. The bar interior is overgrown, whilst vines and leaves dangle from almost every spot in the ceiling. Furthermore, mirrors have been placed in a large quantity, to ensure a jungle-like feeling. The cocktails served at the bar evolve with the season, implicating that products used in the green-cocktail menu are as fresh as possible.

Torggata Botaniske is a truly unique experience, that offers home grown drinks and a relaxed vibe in centre of Oslo. 

The Villa

The Villa is an underground venue, that has gained international recognition several times. The club’s music is experimental and modern, and the main genres are techno, dubstep, electro and house. With the club’s core priority being the delivered sound, you are sure to have an exceptional melodious evening.

The underground club atmosphere and design, gives a tough vibe which matches the identity of the sound.

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