USA - Yosemite National Park

Kalle Hansson

Posted on February 12 2018

For 3 months, I travelled around the USA and experienced some of the most amazing running routes along the way. My best friend Robert and I decided to experience the USA’s good, bad and ugly sides. Moreover, we wanted to try and have a few kilometres underneath our belts through our passion for running.

The part that stood out for me the most was Yosemite National Park. We arrived in the evening where we set up camp and just outside the park, we were ready to take to the tracks the following morning. In terms of nature, it was the most stunning place we visited and a delightful experience. It was pleasant listening to the trees shaking in the breeze at night.

The next day, we rose early and ate breakfast in the park by the lakeside whilst watching the sunrise over the mountains. The whole park brightened up and we got our running gear on. Gradually as it became brighter and warmer, we felt energised and ready to go.

It was a lovely morning and we were undoubtedly the first to step foot on the running tracks in the park that day. We had everything to ourselves and we started with a gentle pace so we could absorb the beautiful nature. The morning dew was dissipating as the sun was rising higher throughout the day.

We planned to run the Panorama Trail, which took us through some of the most picturesque scenes in western USA. We were both very Trail inspired and the route with 975 metres altitude divided over 13.5 kilometres with all kinds of surfaces to experience. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

The air felt fresh against our skin and the magnificent nature with the high trees and small rivers made us feel small. We ran up the incline as the morning dew became thinner, making us enjoy the sun as it hit us. Here the nature was livelier and observed different animals. Excited about this wonderful route and our eagerness to reach the top, we gave it our all on some of the biggest inclines. Then we could stop to take a breather whilst we took in the view, which was enough to take anyone’s breath away. It truly is a fantastic experiencing doing an activity you love with your best friend and in one of most beautiful areas in the USA.

After we had reached the peak, the rest of the run was without inclines so we ran as we pleased and enjoyed soaking up the surroundings. We knew that the next challenge would be difficult, as it would be climbing a mountain wall which we would zigzag up. It was definitely one of the hardest climbs we’ve ever done but it was worth it once we reached the top. The unforgettable, enchanting view made the climb really pay off.

We found a small place later on where we could eat our well-earned lunch, an experience which was greatly enhanced by the sun’s warmth. Thereafter we took a hike and found a waterfall and rivers. We could cool off our feet here after our long running tour. This wasn’t just a run but a nature experience with fantastic camaraderie. Thank you Robert and Yosemite National Park.

// Johan Spetz – Marketing Assistant at Les Deux

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