Ubud - Bali

Kalle Hansson

Posted on February 12 2018

If you’re the kind who loves the feeling of running through gorgeous nature in humid, warm conditions, Bali is the place to be. In particular, Ubud is known for its exclusive massage and spa resorts, which welcome anyone who’s just been for a run.

Humidity on Bali is very high and it’s the same temperature all year round. Therefore it’s advisable to start early in the day before the humidity makes it difficult to run in. If however you like hot and sweaty runs, then this is just perfect.

“I started running early in the morning in central Ubud, where I ran from my resort with a goal to do interval training among the terraced paddy fields. First, I decided to run along the narrow roads in the area and the twisting pathways in the heavily vegetated landscape. The surface was very uneven so despite the temptation to look around and take in the view, I needed to keep my focus down in order to watch my step to avoid stumbling.”

“It wasn’t just the surface which was exciting on this route though. The nature itself blooms with over 180 different species in the area, which makes your run very versatile.”

"After a somewhat overheated warm-up, I reached the bottom of the terraced paddy fields. I then realised that instead of interval training, it was a better idea to go through the course at a reasonable pace. I thus ran along the paddy fields and went along the different tracks between them. This in itself was a challenge as tracks were unpredictable and constantly changing in some way. Some were narrow, muddy tracks which gave me soggy feet. After several hairpin bends, I’d finally reached the top. Finally, I could take a breather and just enjoy the beauty of nature’s majesty, along with the many temples that appear in the landscape. After enjoying the view for several moments, it was time to go back, which was challenging due to the constantly twisting tracks making it difficult to navigate. The tracks thus were hard to recognise.”

”The tour gave my senses new experiences with new smells, fragrances, changing between hard and soft surfaces and many different shades of green. All these impressions make you forget the present and relaxes the mind whilst your legs are subconsciously running.”

“Bali and especially Ubud is something I recommend to runners who don’t have a problem with extreme humidity and challenging ground surface. It’s an idyllic tropical running experience where the reward is not the run and the number of kilometres you’ve clocked up. The real reward is actually in the easy recovery with multiple luxury resorts made to spoil you after the challenge.”

// Christian Sager – Marketing Assistent at Les Deux

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