The Essentials

Kalle Hansson

Posted on February 12 2018

What you wear reflects who you are, what you feel at that moment and where you’re going. Wearing the right t-shirts, hoodie or pants can affect how you feel throughout the day.

 Les Deux created several essentials pieces for you to make your choice of clothing easier and to always make you feel comfortable. The essential pieces are based on items that we know work over and over again, season by season. These items are ready to be worn.

 “The Essentials” is based on items that can complete your look. It consists of a few carefully chosen suit pants, hoodies, t-shirts, shirts and sneakers. Our suit pants are timeless and made with the perfect slim fit. They are kept in dark and dusty colours, which we know work and are easy to mix and match like the rest of “The Essentials”. Our t-shirts, hoodies and Oxford shirts are made from high-quality cotton which is a pleasure to wear. The design of our items are made in clear lines with only a few sophisticated details added. Last but not least, our sneakers are personally handcrafted in Portugal with extreme care and attention to detail.

 You can have everything you want, if you dress for it. Therefore, we created these items - the rest is up to you. We hope you will enjoy “The Essentials”.

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