Style Icon - James Dean

Kalle Hansson

Posted on February 12 2018

Sex symbol, actor, personality, rebel, and style icon. Meet James Dean. Known for his unruly and rebellious personality, we can all picture him running his hands through his slicked back hair as a cigarette dangles from his lips. Just one of the few examples of strong evidence this guy just oozes coolness and attitude. James has starred in film classics like East of Eden, Giant, and who could forget A Rebel Without a Cause? James plays a confused, reckless, and rebellious teenager who represented the new American youth. It was almost as if he played himself in this role. Known for living his life in the fast lane, James died in a car crash at just age 24, but his legacy still lives on.

Making something so simple look so stylish can be challenging for some, but not for James Dean. We wish it could be so easy to just throw on a black leather jacket over a favorite white t-shirt, slip into a pair of worn dark jeans, and make it look that damn good. His effortless style of combining the preppy style with a casual twist is something we really admire as a brand. Adopting his style seems easy, but it’s his aura and his attitude that is practically impossible to imitate. He has definitely rooted his legacy as one of the most fashionable rebels around, and for that, we thank him.

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