Les Deux x Kopenhagen Fur - Mink

Our soon-to-be 2-year collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur developed quickly. Our urban, dynamic, up-and-coming brand combined with the proud and traditional fur auction house has turned out to be a match made in heaven.

The collaboration is a great example of how we like to create a fusion of contrast. Kopenhagen Fur is the largest fur auction house in the world. The essence of design tradition and luxury since 1930. A heritage of excellence and fashion maturity. And in comes the cheeky kid in his hoodie and a simple cap. With a love for stylish casualty, he never takes himself too seriously, yet his boyish personality is well balanced with the class of a gentleman. Indeed, an odd couple, but opposites attract they say. We found chemistry in our differences and sparks started flying.

The Fur Collection is a true definition of casual luxury. We have picked our most prolific and iconic designs, which emulate the Les Deux spirit of sophistication and urban simplicity. Then we added a second dimension. Mink details. We delved into the world of fur to understand the material and how we could best integrate it into the Les Deux universe. The magic happened when we mixed the casual sweatshirt with luxury fur. From our point of view, we see great value in the re-interpretation of our traditional fur in our design. On the other hand, Kopenhagen Fur gives our styles a more sophisticated twist and an innovative edge and for those who share our lust for doing things a little differently.