Les Deux Foundation


Les Deux Foundation

Throughout our lives, we have been blessed to live without any major concerns. Here at Les Deux, we think it’s time to share this luck with those less fortunate and give a helping hand.

When we embarked on our entrepreneurial adventure with Les Deux, little did we know what an incredible experience it would turn out to be. One thing which stood out for us and still does, is that whilst we have had the opportunity to realise our dreams, there are many less fortunate than us all around the world who have not had access to the same opportunities.

Therefore, we’ve launched the Les Deux Foundation to offer our help into communities less fortunate. By focusing on different projects close to our hearts, we aim to improve the circumstances of the people we help and contribute to a positive, prosperous future for all involved. We don’t think that it’s just our responsibility to help, but it’s also our way of making a conscious effort to improve opportunity and offer access to those previously denied this. It’s our way of giving back to the world for all the great chances that we have been given.

At Les Deux we have built up a “Why, How, What” mantra that describes our way of doing business, wherein “giving back” is a big part of why we ever got into business in the first place. The complete mantra goes “We believe in unifying human relations across physical and cultural borders by defining a visionary lifestyle based on compassion, creativity and the freedom to aim high — we make premium apparel”. The reason why we’re even in business is because “We believe in unifying human relations across physical and cultural borders”. The action of unifying people can be done in a lot of different ways and the Les Deux Foundation seeks to unify by giving to those in need. By helping out and engaging in projects all over the world, we unify human relations across borders, encouraging international aid and involvement in global affairs.

Right now, we are supporting different projects from all over the world from Zambia to Greenland and in 2018 we are embarking on our first project in South America, where we will be working with a school in Nicaragua. We are also not limited by cause and are part of projects that support everything from children’s safety to education to disease, offering help where we can.

The way we help can also be widely different from project to project. Being a clothing company, we foremost have a responsibility within our business to make sure we are as sustainable as possible. What we do within our business area is to focus on everything in the process, from the production, where we try to limit environmental impact, to choosing the materials and processing method. It’s important to us to know the full chain of our brand, from production to supply, and that we communicate this to our customer as well, believing that transparency results in harmony. To make sure that all our clothing has a purpose in life, we make sure to follow up on every single piece. If it's not going to be sold, we donate the remaining items to places around the world where needed and make sure that we are maximising the help that we can offer.

The Les Deux Foundation was born in December 2017 and we have big plans for the project in the future. The plan is to expand the foundation, contributing to at least one national and one international project each year, whilst maintaining our efforts in already established projects. The joy and pride you experience when you help someone who really needs it is unique and something which really motivates us to push forward with the foundation alongside our business. It’s simple: the more successful we are at Les Deux, the more charitable projects we can involve ourselves in.

The next step for the Les Deux Foundation is to gain the support of more companies in the projects we are working on to impact greater and expand the type of help that we are able to give. If you share with us the ambition of making the world a better place, join us and contribute what you can. Please send details of how you’d like to help to: nn@lesdeux.dk


Les Deux Foundation Projects

  • Children’s Safety Foundation
  • Climb for Charity
  • Eventure - The North Star Academy
  • FANT
  • Goodwings
  • Les Deux Cup
  • Red Cross
  • Renni Jacque Running
  • The Children's Home in Uummannaq
  • The Danish Cancer Society
  • The School At Slotsvænget