Biking The Streets Of Copenhagen

Kalle Hansson

Posted on February 12 2018

Being in Copenhagen, you can’t live without biking at some point. Copenhagen is one of the most iconic bicycling cities in the world to the point that as an expression, we say Danes learn how to cycle before they walk. Danes are known for their toughness, in that they’ll bike no matter what; there’s no such thing as “bad biking weather” and no distances are too long or saddles to hard.

Currently electric bikes are shaping the future. Not only is biking a good exercise, good for your health, better for your economy, better for the environment but most of the time also faster than driving a car or using public transport. The most important thing is that cycling should always be fun and what’s better than biking around showing off your newest outfit.

At Les Deux we have created several outfits and items which makes it possible to bike around regardless of the weather. At Les Deux we believe that clothes should always be comfortable to wear. Therefore, our t-shirts, hoodies and Oxford shirts are made from high-quality cotton which makes our collection perfect for the purpose of biking.

Fill your wardrobe with our new bike-friendly collection. For example, our “Petworth Shirt” which is perfect to wear with or without a jacket. Besides the shirt, our well-known slim-fit suit pants are de rigueur and dapper. We shouldn’t forget the most important item: the shoes. Our suede sneaker will make you the most suave, stylish biker in the whole of Copenhagen.

Good luck.

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