A Chat With Regitze

Kalle Hansson

Posted on February 12 2018

So, who is Regitze?

I’m 23 years old, and a rather emotional person; one moment I can have a cool temper, then fiery temper and next, I’ve got the giggles. Due to the openness and honesty in my family, I’m an awful liar and rather upfront. Everything has its’ good and bad sides. The essence of my personal foundation lies in the fact that I’m the fourth out of eight siblings. I have a massive family, and we’re roughly an equal number of brothers and sisters. When I was three years old, my parents became divorced, which let to multiple new siblings. It’s interesting though that despite this split, we’re still very close-knit because our unique honesty and closeness that define our relationships.

What do you dream of achieving as a model?

Like with all things in life, my hope as a model is to fight to achieve my dreams without giving in to despair. So far, I’ve been lucky to have worked for some major names such as Celine, Ralph Lauren and Dolce&Gabbana. It would be my dream however, to work for Victoria’s Secret and have my face recognised among the major perfume and beauty brands. To be happy and enjoy what I’m doing in life is the most important thing for me, and this motivates me the most. The dream is to have a balanced life where I can enjoy spending time with family, my partner, friends, hobbies, travelling etc. whilst fighting to get my dream jobs.

How has the move to New York been treating you?

Fantastic! It’s amazing to be living and working in a city with opportunities like New York. At the beginning, it was very difficult as the tempo in New York is completely different compared with Copenhagen. It’s noticeable that so many that’ve moved here have done so to realise their career goals and visions. One doesn’t just move to New York because of the cosy atmosphere, and you can feel that through some people’s egos and the elbow nudges when going around. It’s difficult to generalise the people as they come from all over the world. However, the career goals really impact the way people behave. On the surface, the people are lovely and welcoming. At the end of the day, it’s all about mingling and getting to know the right people. One of the most frequently asked questions you’re asked is, “What do you work with?” and the answer is used to categorise and characterise you. Consequently, due to the heavy emphasis on career, you meet many people who are private and don’t participate in deep discussions about their feelings. As a result, it’s easy to feel lonely and small in a large city. Initially, I was homesick but today, it’s much easier to cope in my cosy flat, a few but good friends and my partner, who has the chance to visit me frequently. What also keeps me motivated is that this is only a temporary position to help me achieve my dreams. This is me using my youth to experience all what I can, for indeed New York is a great city.

What do you miss most about Copenhagen?

My family and partner are greatest priorities in life. I miss them the most, and I luckily have the chance to visit them every now and again. Copenhagen itself is a city with a relaxed pace and quite calm. Danes are warm people who love a good chat and love to chill. Having travelled and experienced a bit of the world, I can now appreciate that Danes are quite good at expressing their emotions- something which can’t always be found in other cultures. This is something I miss. On the other hand, Danes can be terrible at experiencing new things and taking a chance, which I don’t like because it can make you reserved and a bit dull. Apart from the emotional stuff, I do miss the cleanliness and the green zones which can be found back home.

What are three items you must have in your suitcase?

A good psychological, scientific or personal development book, a pair of good walking shoes and a party outfit.

What are you wearing today?

Today I’ve got some relaxing clothes on as I’m on my way home to Denmark. Generally I like to dress with lots of different colours with a bohemian look. I try to avoid wearing black as it affects your mood and cancels positive energy. With colours, you can be very creative and express yourself. Admittedly, I can become a bit laid back with my look; I often don’t apply make-up as I believe going natural is more beautiful. However, if I go to town, I go all-in as there should be a difference to make the occasion special. I also avoid wearing dresses or trousers that stop in the middle of my calves. I believe that it’s an odd length which doesn’t complement my legs at all.

What is the most meaningful possession you have?

The biggest investment I have is my Chanel and Chloe bag. I don’t own many expensive brands. Generally speaking, I don’t like to splash out on things as they don’t really mean much to me. However, I love interior design and I’m crazy about colourful furniture, plants and rugs. I’m so passionate that if my flat was on fire, I wouldn’t be able to choose what to save. So I’m not exactly a big model shopper considering that I work in the fashion industry. I prefer to use my money for experiencing things with my friends and family, where I give them something but also myself. This could be a great restaurant, an awesome holiday, a visit to the massage parlour, a stay at a spa among other things.

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