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Encapsulating the brand in physical form

Our ambitions have always been high, and it has been our goal to become a key player in the international menswear scene. As a first step to cement these ambitions, we created a new 2500 sqm HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark that physically embodies what Les Deux is all about.  

What catches your eye when you first enter the new headquarters is the vastness of the space. The room unfolds before you, ascending into an auditorium-like centerpiece – the very heart of the HQ – with raised ceilings and an airy atmosphere. A basketball court dominates the one side. A coffee and wine bar in Italian marble decorates the other. Music enters your ears as a background soundtrack and accentuates the setting – a workspace of action, and creativity that is teeming with life. In just a few seconds you realize what Les Deux is all about. Inclusion. Duality. Community.

From humble beginnings of a simple white t-shirt, the entrepreneurship of our two founders Andreas von der Heide and Kristoffer Haapanen has slowly but surely grown Les Deux into one of the biggest players in the Scandinavian fashion world. Now, we have evolved into a complete concept brand that encompasses the initial forays into athleisure mixed with strong tailoring and smart accessories, all with an understated Scandinavian sensibility. In other words, Les Deux has expanded way beyond the initial duo. The old headquarters were bursting at the seams, and it was clear that we needed to move on, but we were never going to settle for a anything less than extraordinary.

So, we created a space that ticks all the boxes when it comes to practical workdays but also a place where our Les Deux Family actively want to spend time shooting some hoops, chatting over a coffee, or gathering around the bar after hours. By design, our HQ utilizes the mix of opposites from which Les Deux originally sprung. This is perhaps most clearly illustrated by the juxtaposition of the coffee & wine bar and basketball court – a perfect reflection of urban lifestyle and sportiness that runs through everything we produce.

Taking our inspiration from Denmark’s much loved and highly regarded Louisiana Art Museum – an achingly beautiful building a short drive north of the capital city – the office architects were given a brief to create a space that reflects the international flavor of the brand but firmly places it in the design language of Scandinavia. We have always celebrated duality and the joy of joining contrasting elements to create something new and inspiring. This is mirrored in our collections where sports-influenced hoodies are paired with tweed blazers, and elegant tailored trousers are matched with sweatshirts and sneakers. The same thought process was applied to the materials used throughout the space with hard concrete and steel frames providing an industrial backdrop to warm oak wood and polished marble details. With respect for the building’s unique, industrial character, sections of the floor remain untouched and raw whilst others are beautifully laid with timber floorboards. The non-slip basketball court and gym floor adds a graphic third element. And above it all soars the warehouse height roof, giving a theatrical and spectacular scale to the whole building.

In order to decorate this phenomenal space and create an outstanding workplace no one in Denmark had ever seen before, we knew we had to ally with top tier partners. Our interior designers approached some of Denmark’s leading furniture producers, HiFi and AV specialists and internationally recognized brands to collaborate in creating something exceptional.

Upon closer inspection, areas and sections around the office reveal their purpose. A casual Norr11 lounge sofa in the center creates a perfect spot for arriving guests. The showroom is decorated with Paustian furniture for meetings with purchasing clients. On the first floor comfortable Hay sofas provide a space for brainstorming sessions and creative think tanks. Meanwhile, the meeting rooms are fully equipped for the digital world with Phillips screens and AV solutions by Aver and Vivolink. Elsewhere, communal tables and long benches invite inter-department mixing whilst a corner with two Fredericia Canvas Chairs invites intimate talks or quiet work.

On Fridays, the bar area equipped with the versatile Quooker faucet, elegant glasses by Riedel, and Wineandbarrels fridges stocked with red, white, and orange wine sets the scene for weeks-end socializing and bonding. On a different activation scale, every day, after a nutritional lunch (of course!), the court by Nordic Basketball is awash with noise as Family members take on a de-stressing match of fun. A healthy team is a productive team, so our state-of-the-art gym, fitted out with Swedish Eleiko equipment, also provides the venue for before-work yoga classes as well as after-work blow-out sessions on the rowing machine. Throughout the whole space, the Nordic sense of well-being pervades, along with a recognition of what makes a healthy work environment for our Les Deux Family.

Our new home-away-from-home not only suits our way of working, but it also creates a space for new ambitions, and allows us to do things differently. A very special thanks go out to our partners who helped make this dream happen, Paustian, Fredericia Furniture, Nor11, Hay, Phillips, Aver, Vivolink, Eleiko, Nordic Basketball, Quooker, Winebarrels, and Riedel. Now, our HQ marks the next stage of our development.