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Thiemers x Les Deux



In September 2022, we collaborated with the world-famous Copenhagen bookstore on a limited-edition collection.

Founded in 2002 in the heart of Copenhagen, Thiemers Magasin has become a literary institution, inspiring the pursuit of reading and assisting in building a community around books.

Despite changing ownership a handful of times over the last two decades, Thiemers remains a strongly independent champion of the power of books to change lives – something we passionately agree with.

Like our Co-Founder, Andreas von der Heide, the owner of Thiemers, Michael Bjørn Nellemann, is a local entrepreneur and creator, and the two wanted to collaborate to celebrate their mutual community.

“Michael’s deep knowledge of art and culture, and the way in which he supports the local community has always served as a source of inspiration to me. I’m exceptionally excited to be collaborating with Thiemers and Michael,” von der Heide said.

“We come from contrasting generations, and I think that the strongest communities are the ones that are built on differences.

When people with contrasting perspectives, beliefs, and experiences come together to create a welcoming environment for others, something magical happens, and this is always something we strive to emulate at Les Deux,” he finished.

Readers Live a Thousand Lives 

Reading stands apart from many other forms of entertainment in that it requires you to use your imagination to unlock the story – something which only enhances your creativity and opens your mind to other concepts and ideas.

That feeling of becoming buried in a book is unique. The outside world ceases to exist, and you become absorbed for hours or even days at a time, exploring the alternate universe you’re visiting.

It’s an escape from the everyday, a journey through thousands of different settings and perspectives, and one of humanity’s great unifying tools. And this is one reason why we were so excited to partner up with Thiemers, who act as custodians of literature and torchbearers of cultural growth.

We’re full of admiration for Thiemers’ dedication and deep connection with their community. Along with reading circles and a Proust reading club, the bookstore also devotes time to helping the readers of today to become the writers of tomorrow through their writing masterclasses.

 The Autumn Festival

To celebrate the local community and Thiemers’ mission of encouraging people to explore different perspectives through books, we created a strictly limited-edition run of collaborative T-shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags, which were on sale on the 3rd September 2022 at Thiemers and available in our Gammel Kongevej store in the days afterwards.

The date marked the annual Autumn Festival – where Thiemers Magasin and the other shops of Tullinsgade and neighboring Værnedamsvej moved outside to better connect with each other and their communities.

It brought the different businesses on the streets together, creating a vibrant and friendly atmosphere with a diverse range of offerings for the public, from records to art, and showcased the fantastic community spirit of Copenhagen.

Throughout the event, we served refreshments and ice cream together with Thiemers, along with our collab garments. As of early September 2022, there’s still a few of our strictly limited-edition Thiemers collab T-shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags in-stock, which you can get exclusively in our Gammel Kongevej store.