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The Munich Showroom

Our brand-new showroom in Munich is officially open

A Les Deux Outpost

In line with our strategy of providing a first-class experience for our Partner retailers, we’ve recently taken the step of opening our first-ever internally managed international showroom in the heart of South Germany: Munich.

The 160 square meter space will house our latest collections and styles and showcase them to our Partners in South Germany, serving as a Les Deux outpost in an important market in which we have seen sustained success recently.

Along with the permanent shop-in-shop in Berlin’s world-famous KaDeWe, we have opened a pop-up shop in Hamburg’s Alsterhaus last month, and we’re keen to replicate this upward trend in South Germany.

It all starts with the first interaction

We want to provide our Partners with a world-class experience, and this starts with their very first interaction with us.

By creating an authentic brand universe, we’re more easily able to communicate the value of the brand, and this runs all the way through to the marketing support and training sessions we offer to assist Partners.

The Munich Showroom also plays into our focus on international expansion, and we see Germany as an essential part of this due to its status as the largest market within the EU.

Along with the new showroom, we’re delighted to be welcoming two new team members to the Les Deux Family, who will be based in Munich and help represent our brand and values to our German Partners both new and current.

Cooperation the key to success

The Munich Showroom, which is designed to reflect the duality of our origin story, proved to be another fantastic opportunity for cross-departmental collaboration.

With a wide range of team members coming together to build the project in a matter of weeks, the showroom serves as further proof that cooperation is essential to success.

We’re overjoyed to be taking this bold new step as a brand, and we’re looking forward to welcoming Partners into the store soon. The Les Deux Munich Showroom officially opened on the 27th October, 2022.