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The Les Deux Legacy 2023 Project Unveiled: Presenting the Brand-New Basketball Courts at Washington Market Park 

We’ve invested $70,000 to completely refurbish two community basketball courts in Washington Market Park in New York through our Legacy program, where we give back to communities we have a connection to.


Within the next few months, we’ll be establishing a sales office in New York – our first outpost outside of Europe – and as the new kid on the block we wanted to introduce ourselves in the to the local community in the right way.

The courts are located right next to world-famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, serving as a local hub for the school and college just over the road.

“We’re only here chasing our dream because of people’s belief in us. Now, we want to help others who aren’t as lucky to find their dream. Sport changes lives, directly and indirectly. If we’re bringing a small amount of happiness to the residents of Tribeca, then we’ve achieved our goal. It’s not just about product, it’s also about people,” said Andreas von der Heide, our Co-Founder.

After years of use by the community, the space was looking worn, with cracked asphalt, battered backboards, and faded paint. With brand-new surfaces, walls, and goals, the renovated courts, one full size and one half size, will provide a revitalized space for the locals and bring a small slice of Danish design to the heart of New York.

Installed in collab with Danish creative duo Kongstad Studio and non-profit Project Backboard, the design for the court was conceived by Creative Director, Mathias H. Jensen.

“We wanted to make sure different personalities and backgrounds were reflected in the range of styles in the artwork, with something for everyone. Ultimately, it was all about ensuring the court stays an inclusive place that unites different people around a shared passion, and hopefully, we’ve achieved that,” he explained.


To celebrate the launch on 8th September, we organized a training session for local kids in partnership with pro coach and humanitarian Tremaine Dalton’s non-profit The Process Basketball, which trains some of the world’s most exciting up-and-coming players.

“Basketball saved my life. If it wasn’t for the sport I don’t know what I would be doing in my life. I came from a tough background surrounded by crime, drugs, and violence. Playing the sport not only kept me off the streets, but it also protected me as well,” said Dalton.

We also arranged a 3 vs. 3 tournament, with a $2,000 prize for the winners’ chosen charity, and rounded the day off with an official unveiling from the Manhattan Commissioner of NYC Parks, Anthony Perez and Manhattan City Council Member, Christopher Marte.

“This renovation gives the space a bright, colorful centerpiece and makes it more fun to get outdoors and get active. By hosting athletics in our parks, we can strengthen our communities and provide a positive outlet for young people. We want to give a special thanks to Les Deux for spearheading this project,” said Perez.

With the court, Les Deux Legacy, which we recently formalized into its own business with an initial investment of $150,000, is expanding on the 2022 project funding a school for Syrian refugees near one of our production locations.

“We’ve always had big ambitions, but it’s people who help you reach those ambitions, so we think it’s your duty as a business and a person to give back,” von der Heide finished.