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The Creator: Tremaine Dalton

BSTN & Les Deux

 “Basketball saved my life. I came from a tough background surrounded by crime, drugs, and violence, and what kept me out of trouble was going to different street parks. Basketball is a universal language, so If I communicate that to kids, speak their language, and introduce peace to them, introduce happiness, introduce entrepreneurship to them. It opens the minds of kids and their imagination that they can create whatever they want.”  

Tremaine Dalton is a pro basketball coach and the founder of The Process Basketball, a non-profit that works to give young people opportunities through sport.

He works with kids and some of the world’s most exciting young talents, combining an entrepreneurial spirit with a desire to do good.

“I think it’s my job to really give back, to teach, to help. Kids from all over the world have stories, and I want to connect with those stories and help these kids use basketball as a tool to get where they need to go, just like I did.”

Tremaine’s passion for streetball has led him to a huge range of projects in communities around the world, including tackling gun violence in the US, promoting gender equality in Europe, and fostering racial inclusion in Australia.

In our short film, The Creator, we teamed up with BSTN to tell Tremaine’s story.

BSTN started as a group of friends working out of the trunk of a car. Together, they grew into one of the leading destinations for streetwear.

Les Deux started as a group of friends working out of a basement. Together, we’ve become one of Europe’s fastest growing lifestyle brands.

Just like Tremaine, we both got to where we are because of the people around us.