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SS24 | The Search for the Perfect Shot

Spring '24: The Journey

As part of our series of stories for Spring '24 of people who inspire us, we spoke to travel photographer Morten K. Sørensen, who's spent years journeying around the world & honing his craft.

"My father gave me my first camera when I was 15 or 16, and I shot a lot of film in the ‘80s. Then I sort of forgot about photography until social media came along, which is how everything got reignited."

The only way to get better and the only way to develop an eye for photography is to just go and shoot, shoot, shoot, even if you feel uninspired.

"For some reason, when I’m a little bit uncertain and not too sure what’s coming, it really gets my creativity going."


"Sometimes, you get into a dry period, but it’s only me that can pick myself up. It might happen when I visit a gallery and see something that really impresses me: it makes me want to work a little bit harder next time to reach a new level."

"An old boss said something once that stuck with me: leave fear by the door. I took that with me, and I think about it a lot. I have to be myself, and if I leave fear by the door, everything will be fine." 

Morten's Clothing and Photography

Morten is wearing the Ryder Jeans, Crew T-Shirt, & Montana Coat (sold out).

Follow Morten's photography on Instagram @MortenKSoerensen.

"Green Seats", "Choi Hung", & "Beach Volleyball" images courtesy of Morten K. Sørensen.