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Spring '24: The Journey

The following short story was one of the inspirations at the beginning of the design process for The Journey, touching on themes of freedom, adventure, and following your dreams.

David, Lucas, and Noah meet at college in Los Angeles playing for the basketball team, and immediately become friends. Each has come from a completely different background across the States, but their shared love of sport and adventure unites them.

They decide to celebrate their upcoming graduation with the journey of a lifetime: a road trip down Route 66. As the big day gets closer, their dream trip seems to get further away. David gets offered a job in Europe, Lucas learns he’ll be a dad, and Noah needs to return home to save money.

On their final day together, the three of them promise to go on their adventure the next year and go their separate ways.

As time passes by, the three gradually grow apart, separated by family, careers, and geography.

A couple of years later, Noah is clearing an old laptop and stumbles across a photo of the three from their university days.

He calls David and Lucas, and they decide to pack their bags, rent a classic car and set off on their forgotten trip.

Relishing the freedom of their American adventure, they make their way through the desert, camp under the stars, reminisce about the good old days, and pitstop at battered gas stations, diners, and motels.

Reaching their journey’s end with their friendship rekindled, they realize that wherever their roads take them, they’ve fulfilled a dream and created memories that will last them a lifetime.
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