Les Deux at Copenhagen Fashion Week

January and February mark Fashion Week season around Europe, and we’ve been showcasing our Autumn ‘23 collection, Souvenirs of America, in Copenhagen and beyond.

Copenhagen & Beyond

After recent visits to Paris and Florence, we ended our fashion week tour in our home city of Copenhagen for the Revolver International Fashion Trade Show. It was fantastic meeting such a diverse range of industry insiders around Europe, and we were excited to get feedback on our upcoming Autumn ‘23 collection, Souvenirs of America, which is inspired by cultural exchange.  

Speaking at Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence, our Creative Director, Mathias Jensen, said “What I love about coming here as a creative is the duality and the people that are here. There are so many different styles of fashion and people wear their clothes in so many ways. It’s super inspiring. For this season, we wanted to create something different, so instead of just printing a classic Lookbook that we’ve done many times before, we thought it would be interesting to print some of the key designs on a skateboard, and people really loved it.” 

Building New Traditions

This theme of changing the way we do things was present throughout the shows we attended, no more so than in our home city of Copenhagen.  

The claw crane machine we installed at Revolver proved to be a big hit, with hundreds of Revolver attendees walking away with one of our limited-edition baseballs celebrating the collection or enjoying a coffee at our lounge, while our HQ proudly displayed the colors of the Autumn ‘23 collection. 

Likewise, we invited the wider community to be a small part of Fashion Week and did this by extending opening hours at our flagship store on Kronprinsensgade. Along with a showcase of the upcoming styles, industry connections, tourists, and residents were offered complimentary drinks and refreshments.  

We can’t wait for the next shows in the summer!