Introducing Souvenirs of America

Souvenir, noun, French origin, “to remember”

We’re pleased to present our collection for Autumn ’23 - Souvenirs of America. 

You might not even realize it, but every time you visit a new place, speak with new people, or connect with new groups, an exchange occurs. It’s barely noticeable, but we all incorporate a small piece of these interactions into who we are: souvenirs from places near and far. 

We’re marked by our experiences, and we leave a small mark in return. It’s this exchange, and the idea that we’re all built by a collection of authentic stories that served as the foundation for Souvenirs of America. 

The Setting & Inspiration

New York’s Chinatown served as our setting for this season. As an enclave for a single community that has evolved to become a place for everyone, it fit perfectly into this idea of an exchange. 

Likewise, the Japanese idea of Ametora, which means “American Traditional”, has heavily influenced the clothing we developed. Rather than a specific style or look, Ametora faithfully emulates a range of authentic American styles, from the greasers of the ’60s to traditional cowboy attire and Ivy League apparel.  

A big distinction of Ametora is the focus on a very high level of quality and attention to detail, with premium styles that are an homage to the originals – souvenirs indicating a fascination from abroad.  

The Styles

Because of this, we’ve produced some cornerstone styles this season that have been meticulously constructed with the very best materials, like our Maximilian Wool Coat which is made from the world-famous Harris Tweed® cloth.  

We’re also particularly proud of the expressive range of knitwear, colorful denim selection, and traditionally styled Ivy League hunting garments, which we think add something different to our offering alongside our usual range of minimalist classics.  

In line with the shift towards more ’90s influenced cuts in the world of menswear, you’ll also see a wider selection of relaxed fit pants, boldly decorated slipovers, and chunky sole shoes handmade in Portugal.  

We had a lot of fun creating and building this collection, and we really hope you find a garment in the range that catches your eye - something that becomes your own personal souvenir, triggering memories of good times you’ve had while wearing it in years to come. 


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