Layers Of Autumn

Three Jackets For The Colder Months

Do jackets and coats define your wardrobe?

Like it or not, our clothing tells a story about us – our likes and dislikes, who we are as a person, our hobbies and interests. People make snap judgments about us in those two or three seconds of a first impression.  

Despite being the final flourish to our attire, coats and jackets are often the first thing we notice about what someone else is wearing. 

We’ve looked at the three essential types of jacket and coat you need to get you through autumn and winter, the features you should be looking out for, and the best styles to choose for 2022 and 2023 to keep you looking your best.


It’s a bit of a cliché, but layers are crucial for colder seasons. While many countries can expect snow in the depths of winter, it’s important to account for milder days – making a light, water-repellent jacket a must.  

Essentially, you’re after a waterproof shell that will fit over a hoodie or sweatshirt on cold and wet days while working on its own for unexpected warmer spells. 

In the same vein, flexibility within the features of the jacket is something you should pay attention to, both from a style and practicality perspective.  

Zip-away or detachable hoods, two-way zippers, and a fold-down collar can completely change the style of a jacket, while helping to keep you warm and dry when the weather turns.  

Likewise, some form of water-repellence and wind resistance is pretty much a must, while choosing a neutral color like black, brown, dark blue, or soft green can prevent your new jacket from ending up gathering dust at the back of your wardrobe.  

Model in studio wearing Milan Windbreaker in a camo print
Model in park wearing orange rollneck jumper and Les Deux’s Niles Ripstop jacket in navy

The Niles Ripstop

Our Niles Jacket fits this brief perfectly, arriving in Olive Night and Dark Navy color options, which makes it easily compatible with what you already own.  

Inspired by the classic Harrington jackets popularized by McQueen, Dean, and Sinatra, the quilted stitching evokes a rural vibe while the highly durable ripstop material ensures longevity. 

The Niles plays on the classic silhouette of a shirt jacket and incorporates features like microfiber padding for warmth, ripstop material for resilience, and some handy pouch pockets on the front.  

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Full body shot of model crossing street wearing Les Deux’s Michael Houndstooth overcoat


A good-quality classic wool overcoat is the menswear essential for autumn and winter. It’s as versatile as it is traditional, with a timeless style that remains relatively unchanged in decades.  

That said, there are some different features to look out for, with the sleeves and shoulders making more of a difference than you’d perhaps first think.  

Many coats nowadays feature padded shoulders, which give you that very masculine straight-line silhouette.  

However, they’re not as practical, as they restrict the amount of space you have available underneath the coat. 

The alternative – raglan sleeves – run all the way through to the collar and present a more casual profile, while giving you extra room underneath for thick knitwear or a winter hoodie.  

The Maverick

The pinnacle in our selection of overcoats, the Maverick is crafted with Italian wool, which is widely recognized as one of the softest and most comfortable. 

It’s blended with other materials in order to retain its shape, improve durability, and reduce wrinkles.  

The overcoat is produced in partnership with Italian wool mill, Mapel, who have 40 years of experience in the industry. 

Designed to be a formal coat for non-formal occasions, the raglan sleeves keep it more relaxed and add practicality, while its status as an overcoat means that it can be dressed up with a shirt and suit pants if the occasion calls for it.  

Mid shot of model looking direct to camera wearing Les Deux’s Maverick wool overcoat and Encore cap.
Les Deux MEN Maverick Check Wool Coat Coat 522810-Olive Night/Dark Sand
Color: Olive Night/Dark Sand
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The depths of winter calls for outerwear that can stand up to the harshest weather, and a good quality puffer jacket is the ideal choice. 

The puffer was invented in 1936 by an American after he nearly died from hypothermia.  

As you would expect then, it’s highly functional outdoor wear designed to keep you warm and dry during the depths of winter.  

Slowly cycling in and out of fashion over the past 80 years, it’s currently firmly entrenched in the world of menswear and serves as a casual streetwear style that pairs well with either smart or casual attire.  

One key feature to keep in mind is the filling of the jacket, which can make a big difference to its warmth.  

Down is warmer than synthetic fillers, so if you live in a colder climate this is something to look for. 

Male model in front of white building wearing grey Les Deux sweatshirt, sweatpants, and Mayford Down Jacket in black.
Man wearing white pants and sand Maddox Down jacket looking direct to camera

The Maddox

Arriving in a selection of tonal neutral colors for increased versatility and pairing options, our Maddox Down Jacket is packed with the features you need for winter.  

Storm cuffs, water-repellence, and a hood ensure you’ll stay dry and protected from the rain, and as an added bonus the hood is detachable.  

Alongside the Maddox’s collar, this means you can smarten up the jacket when the occasion calls for it.

The Maddox also boasts down filling for extra warmth on the coldest days, making it a reliable option for when the weather leaves you feeling like you don’t want to leave home.  


Les Deux MEN Maddox Down Jacket Coat 100507-Black/Lead Grey

Maddox Down Jacket - Black/Lead Grey

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