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Ametora: The Japanese Homage to American Style

Souvenirs of America

Ametora, a term coined from the combination of the words “America” and “tradition,” is a unique blend of American and Japanese fashion that served as one of the inspirations for our Autumn ‘23 collection, Souvenirs of America.

The concept of cultural exchange and the duality of two different styles was something that we’ve focused on ever since we began, which is one reason why we were so interested in the idea.

A Blend of Two Styles

First beginning in the ’60s, Ametora started becoming popular in Japan in the ’80s and ’90s, and it continues to influence fashion in Japan today. It's all about taking classic American vintage styles like workwear and Ivy League and giving them a distinctive Japanese twist, but as time has progressed the concept has evolved to include streetwear styles and everything in between.

The quality and timelessness of classic American styles like denim and preppy looks has proven to be a big inspiration to Japanese designers, and their success at reproducing this has sparked a global interest in vintage styles.

Interestingly, many American menswear brands have started incorporating vintage Americana into their own designs, literally becoming inspired by a different culture that was inspired by their own culture.

A Community of Like-Minded People

One of the most interesting parts of Ametora is the community it has created. People who love vintage American fashion have come together to form close-knit communities, whether it's at vintage clothing shops, denim stores, or even clothing fairs.

Members of these communities are often collectors and experts on the history of vintage American fashion and share tips and advice with one another on where to find the best vintage clothing, as well as how to care for and repair it.

Being part of the Ametora community means being part of a group of people who share your passion, and crucially it means striving to find the highest level of quality in your clothing that you can.

Quality Matters

Ametora has brought attention to the importance of quality in clothing, particularly in terms of vintage American styles. Many Ametora garments are known for their high-quality materials, timeless design, and longevity.

This focus has encouraged people to invest in clothing that will last for years, rather than in fast fashion that could quickly fall apart, and it has led to a greater appreciation for craftsmanship and the value of clothing that is made to last.

Craftsmanship was a core part of our Souvenirs of America collection, which celebrates the timelessness and quality of classic Ivy League styles and gives them a modern twist with a Japanese aesthetic. Pieces like our Maxmillian Coat, which is made from the world-renowned Harris Tweed® fabric, represent a whole new level of premium materials and a new frontier for us.